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A writing course which is:-

  • Designed for writers who are serious about pushing themselves to write a novel

  • Challenging, technical, focused and professional – not a discussion group, book club or generic ‘creative writing’ course

  • Affordable 

  • Supportive and sociable - with the essential elements of personal, ‘real time’ peer review, and ongoing tutorial support

  • Flexible - you can sign up for the intensive four-month course, choose the shorter introductory course or just sign up for a couple of seminars

  • Perfect if you are considering undertaking a degree or post-graduate course in creative writing in the future or applying for one of the prestigious, selection-based London novel-writing courses

seminar - £25 

Each seminar deals in depth with a specific topic, including a workshop on writing dialogue, dialogue and depiction of foreign characters, and layering your writing through scene-setting

one-month course - £125

This four week course will get you started thinking about plot, characterisation and dialogue. We will be looking at elements of structure, ‘beginnings and endings’, writing a synopsis and the process of submitting to an agent. We will also be discussing genre, and the impact this has on finding an agent and publisher.

three-month course - £500

This twelve week course is designed to push you hard along that writing path, building on your  previous experience and looking in more depth at structure, pace, characterisation, plot development, problem-solving, 'layering' your writing and using themes and motifs.   

one session 'taster' - £10

Try before you buy!  Our one-session class gives you the chance to undertake a couple of writing exercises,  talk about your own ideas for writing a novel and ask about the course, the writing process, finding an agent or anything else you like!

Long to write a novel but don't know where to start? 

Have been writing as a hobby for years but never taken it any further?

Have some great ideas but struggle to express them on the page?

Classes are held in central Welwyn Garden City

Train from Kings Cross - Welwyn Garden City  30 minutes

Are you thinking of undertaking  an MA in Creative Writing or applying for a place on one of the prestigious London-based writing courses?  Here is a brief overview of some of the courses on offer.

Faber Academy Novel Writing Course  £4000.  Number of places available - 30.

I took this course, and it was totally brilliant.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  However, it is very expensive and places are keenly contested with hundreds of applications for the limited handful of places. The application process includes submitting a piece of work for consideration.     If you are unsure that you want to commit to such a major financial outlay, or feel that your piece for submission could be improved,  why not try our 'taster' writing course before making that decision?

Birkbeck Creative Writing MA £3975  

Students are selected on the basis of an interview, a portfolio of writing plus a personal statement, and must have a good first degree 

City University of London - The Novel Studio £2,590 

This is another selective-process course offering tuition to 15 students.

Curtis Brown Six-Month Novel Writing Course  £2990.   15 students

I spent nearly a year working with one of the agents from Curtis Brown/Conville and Walsh during the process of getting my novel completed.  She was amazingly helpful and gave me incredible advice which continues to inform my writing and teaching.


These novel writing courses are all selection-based, with a limited intake of students.  They are commitment-intensive.  If you are considering applying for one of these, or something similar, but are nervous about the cost, commitment and selection process, then it would be a real investment to take novel writing - from plot to publication - as a trial run.  It will give you a flavour of the work you will be undertaking, will help you polish your  submission piece, and display a level of commitment that will help you in the submission process.

You may also feel that, appealing as these courses are with their glamorous locations and tempting offers of industry contacts, this isn't something you want to pay for.  novel  writing - from plot to publication offers professional, industry-savvy teaching on a 'no-frills' basis and this makes it a highly affordable alternative option.  There is no submission process and all levels of writer, including those with no previous writing experience at all, are welcome.  The only criteria is that you have English as your first language or are at native-English-speaking fluency.

Other writing courses

There are other creative writing courses as well, not as prestigious as those outlined above but much more affordable.  Something to bear in mind when looking at a course is to ask yourself, is this taught by an industry professional/ experienced novelist who understands the specific, practical challenges of writing a novel, finding an agent and getting to grips with the publishing process?  This is not at all the same as writing poetry or a theatre script, directing a music video or teaching English Literature! 

other novel-writing courses

new writers - from plot to publication

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